Honesty, Integrity, Respect

At Schmal Law, these are principles which apply to dealings with clients, opposing counsel and the Court. In our experience, mutual respect and open dialogue yields the best results for clients.

"Counselor at Law"

There are many different terms that are used to describe an attorney-at-law, from that title, to lawyer, to various terms that describe the activity and actions of a litigator or advocate.

At Schmal Law, we take very seriously another title and role of a lawyer, and that is that of a counselor – as in counseling clients.

Tim Schmal founded Schmal Law on the basic principles of ethical and fair representation of clients, while zealously representing the interests of clients, but first ascertaining the true interests and objectives of the clients.

More times than not, an early and amicable resolution of a dispute is in the best interest of all parties. Tim Schmal brings 34 years of experience as a civil litigation attorney, including extensive experience as a trial attorney. Therefore, on the relatively uncommon occasion when the most appropriate outcome of a case is a trial by one’s peers, we have the skills and abilities to handle your matter from inception to conclusion.

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